Wi-Fi configuration stops and fails at Step 2: Connect to Cubinote

            This issue happens on some Android devices with high OS version(Android 8.0 or higher). To complete the setup, please follow the instruction below.

            Step 1: Manually connect to Cubinote's Wi-Fi

            After you pass Step 1 and it's connecting to Cubinote in Step 2, without exiting from Cubinote app, please go to your Wi-Fi setting and manually connect to a Wi-Fi named “Cubinote-xxxx”

            If it's already connected to "Cubinote-xxxx" try to connect to another Wi-Fi network and then connect back to "Cubinote-xxxx"

            If there's a notification similar to this "Are you sure to connect this Wi-Fi? This is not connecting to the internet," please continue to connect to "Cubinote-xxxx" This is a normal system response when you're connecting to a Wi-Fi that is not connected to the internet such as "Cubinote-xxxx"

            Step 2: Switch back to Cubinote app

            Switch back to Cubinote app, and then the setup process will continue. Please wait until all the steps are completed

            Step 3: Manually connect to your Wi-Fi network

            After the setup completed, go to your phone's Wi-Fi setting and connect to your Wi-Fi network again

            Updated: 13 Jun 2019 10:27 PM
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