What is CubiMail? How to use it?

            What is CubiMail?

            The CubiMail feature will enable your Cubinote to automatically print emails sent to your CubiMail email address.

            Cubinote will print the text of the email body and its attachment(up to 9 attachments with PNG, JPEG, and PDF format) with total email size no more than 1.5MB. Email size above 1.5MB won't be printed out.

            Setting up CubiMail

            First, you need to set a CubiMail email address to your Cubinote device. To do that, tap CubiMail, choose the Cubinote device and tap Enable, and then tap your enabled Cubinote device to open its CubiMail setup

            Enter a CubiMail email address to assign that email address to your chosen Cubinote device. You can enter any email address with the format as long as it's not used by someone else.

            Set who can send emails to your CubiMail email address by adding them to your White List. Only emails sent from the White List email address will be printed out on your Cubinote device. Other senders that are not listed on the White List will be automatically rejected when they send an email to your CubiMail email address.

            Once you're done setting up your CubiMail email address and its White List, whenever the email addresses on White List send an email to your CubiMail email address, your Cubinote will automatically print the email.
            Updated: 30 Apr 2019 06:58 PM
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