What does CUBINOTE's light mean? How to use the button?


            To bind/add a device:

            Press the button 2 times, then a QR code will be printed out, then scan the QR code to add the device

            To print diagnostic report:

            Press the button 2 times. From the diagnostic report, you can see the connection status and the device ID of your CUBINOTE

            To enter/reset Wi-Fi configuration:

            Press the and hold the button for 6 seconds or more

            To print the pre-set Quick Print Template:

            Press the button 1 time

            To confirm that you receive an important message:

            Press the button 1 time



            Green light on:

            CUBINOTE is in Cloud printing mode and ready to be used

            Green light slow flashing:

            CUBINOTE is in Wi-Fi configuration mode

            Green light fast flashing:

            CUBINOTE is printing / connecting to a network. If your Cubinote keeps flashing, try to re-configure the Wi-Fi setup to connect it to your Wi-Fi.

            Pale green light:

            CUBINOTE received an important message. Press the button once to confirm that the important message has been received and return CUBINOTE to standby mode

            Red light:

            CUBINOTE is out of paper / the printing head is overheated

            Light off

            Power off / the light is manually turned off from CUBINOTE App Setting

            Updated: 13 May 2019 07:02 PM
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