How to print from Windows laptop via Bluetooth

            Printing via Bluetooth for laptop is only available in Windows laptop for now.

            Step 1: Connect your laptop to Cubinote's Bluetooth

            If there's a message similar to this “driver is unavailable,” that is a normal notification because unlike a standard printer, Cubinote doesn’t require any driver to work. So, after you successfully connect to Cubinote, you can continue to step 2.

            Step 2: Download and install Cubinote Windows App

            1. Open this link then tap Windows to download the Cubinote Windows App. 


            2. After you download the Windows app, complete the installation 


            3. Open Cubinote Windows app, but don't sign in to your Cubinote account. When you sign in, you'll be in cloud printing mode where you print via Wi-Fi network. When you're not logged in, you'll be in local printing mode where you print via Bluetooth.

            Step 3: Compose your note and then tap Print icon

            Updated: 19 Jun 2019 08:24 PM
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