How to make sure that the recipient receives my note?

            CUBINOTE has a feature called Important Note. Unlike the normal notes, when you send an important note you can get a notification if the recipient has received your note. Below I will show you how this feature works.

            The sender sends an important note

            Compose the message, tap Important button.

             Tap Print, and then choose the Cubinote without the Bluetooth icon(Cloud printing mode).


            The recipient receives the important note

            Once the recipient receives your note, the CUBINOTE will print out the note and the button will be flashing green light with beeping a sound until the recipient press the CUBINOTE button to confirm that the note has been received.


            The sender receives a confirmation

            Once the recipient presses the CUBINOTE button, the sender will get a notification. That way you can be assured that they have received your note.

            Updated: 14 Feb 2019 04:02 PM
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