Can one CUBINOTE device be used by two or more users?

            Yes, although one CUBINOTE device can only be bound to one user account, two or more users can use one same CUBINOTE device using the friend list feature. Let me explain with an example.

            CUBINOTE is bound to Andy's user account after he completes the initial setup. Then, his colleague, Carrie, wants to print on the same CUBINOTE. Here's what she needs to do:
            1. Download CUBINOTE app
            2. Create a new CUBINOTE account
            3. Add Andy's CUBINOTE account as a friend using his CUBINOTE ID
            4. Tap Andy's account as the recipient, then compose the note and print it.
            No need to unbound the CUBINOTE from Andy's account. Also, there is no limit on how many people that can print on the same CUBINOTE. For other people who wants to print on the same CUBINOTE, they just need to follow the same steps as Carrie. Whenever they want to print on CUBINOTE, simply tap Andy's account as the recipient because the CUBINOTE is bounded to his account.

            Updated: 12 Feb 2019 04:37 PM
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