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Unboxing Cubinote Home


1 Cubinote Home Device

1 Power Adaptor

1 Roll of Thermal Paper (inside the device)

1 Quick Installation Guide

1 User Manual & Warranty Sheet

1 pack of Tri-color Paper Rolls



To bind/add a devicePress the button 2 times, then a QR code will be printed out, then scan the QR code to add the device

To print the diagnostic reportPress the button 2 times. From the diagnostic report, you can see the connection status and the device ID of your Cubinote

To enter/reset Wi-Fi configurationPress the and hold the button for 6 seconds or more

To confirm that you receive an important messagePress the button 1 time



Green light onCubinote is in Cloud printing mode and ready to be used

Green light slow flashingCubinote is in Wi-Fi configuration mode

Green light fast flashingCubinote is printing/trying to connect to a network. If your Cubinote keeps flashing, it means it's not connected to your Wi-Fi network, so try to re-configure the Wi-Fi setup to connect it to your Wi-Fi.

Orange lightCubinote has received an important note. Press the button once to confirm that the important note has been received and return Cubinote to standby mode

Red lightCubinote is out of paper or the printing head is overheated

Light offPower off or the light is manually turned off from Cubinote App Setting

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      WHAT YOU'LL GET 1 Cubinote Pro Device 1 Power Adaptor 1 AC Power Cord 1 Roll of Thermal Paper (inside the device) 1 Quick Installation Guide 1 User Manual & Warranty Sheet   DEVICE INTRODUCTION
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      Cubinote Home is compatible with iOS 10 & later, Android 5.0 & later. When connecting your Wi-Fi network with Cubinote in Cloud Mode Setup, please be aware that Cubinote does not support 5Ghz Wi-Fi, Cubinote only supports 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi. How to enable ...
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      North America You can get Cubinote and the paper rolls from our official store below. Cubinote North America Official Site Europe & the UK Cubinote EU Official Site