How to quick print from a template?

How to quick print from a template?

Cubinote Quick Print feature let you print the pre-set default template by simply pressing the Cubinote's button once.

To pre-set this feature, you need to:

1. Create a new Quick Print template

2. Set the template as a default template

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    • How to create a Quick Print template?

      1. Tap Setting icon, then tap Quick Print Template      2. Add a new template, then select the canvas ratio   3. Insert the content you want   4. Tap Insert icon, then tap Upload icon Then, your new template would be successfully added
    • How to set my template as a default template for quick print?

      1. Tap Setting, then tap Cubinote Settings   2. Tap your Cubinote device, then tap Quick Print Setting   3. Select the template you want to set as a default template, then tap tick icon. If you want to create a new template, you can follow this guide
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      You can fully customize your note's header and footer by creating a new template.
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