Questions not answered in FAQ

Questions not answered in FAQ

What is the difference between the Cubinote on Amazon and the Cubinote Pro? They look very different. This website says "Cubinote" at the top, but then only advertises the Cubinote Pro yet there's a Cubinote product sold on Amazon, so I'm confused.

The FAQ says the product will ship 2 days after ordering, but there's nowhere to order it. So, how does that work?

The website says you can order it in October and it's October, so is there a new date?

Also, what will the sticky paper cost (and what are the dimensions)?

How is it sticky if there's no backing?

Are there color choices for the sticky paper?

How sticky is it? Will it stay in place on the wall like it shows in the video?

It looks like the whole paper sticks, unlike a regular "sticky note" that just has a sticky strip across the top. Is that correct?